English solicitor in The Netherlands
English solicitor in The Netherlands

Advice on English law in The Netherlands

An English solicitor in The Netherlands? Joost Maassen is a Dutch lawer as well as a solicitor of England and Wales. He advices on Dutch and English law simultaniously.
In practice, knowledge of both Dutch law (civil law) and English law (common law) is of important added value when you are involved in cross border business.
As a Dutch lawyer (advocaat) and solicitor of England & Wales, Joost Maassen advices Dutch entrepreneurs simultaneously on Dutch and English law.

You can contact us for:
Initial advice on your legal position and next steps.
The review and drafting of your contracts under Dutch or English law in cross-border transactions, for example for distribution and commercial agency relationships.
Our clients are business clients and their (legal) professionals (lawyers, legal counsels and accountants).

International commercial transactions
Sale and supply of goods and services
Commercial agency, distribution, franchise and licensing
IT-contracts (consultancy, maintenance, support, service level agreements and SAAS)
E-commerce and web shops
Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)
Preliminary agreements (e.g. letter of intent, heads of terms and memorandum of understanding)
General terms and conditions
Confidentiality and data protection (GDPR)
Retention of title

Employment law
Advice on and drafting of employment contracts under English law (excluded: representation at tribunals or courts)
Contracts as an employee, worker or independent contractor
Flexible contracts

Property and security rights (e.g. reservation of title and charges)
Reviewable transactions
Director’s liability
Dealing with an overseas insolvency practitioner (administrator/receiver)

Private international law
Applicable law and choice of law
Recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions
International arbitration

How to protect your business against the effects of Brexit.